Do I need it?

In short, you do not NEED aerial photography, however, it can provide unique pictures (or videos) of your property which you do not get to see using traditional land based photography...

These images can sometimes add real value to your accommodation website, make your real estate listings stand out and sometimes, they just look good.  I have taken lots of aerial photographs for accommodation, only to find that the owner wants a framed, large print of the property (which I can provide) up to around 60cm x 40cm....they do look effective (70€).


Expensive and Difficult to find someone to do it!

Aerial Photography used to be expensive and difficult to arrange, now, it can be done for a fraction of the price and can generally be organised within a couple of days... Prices are pretty competitive:

Aerial Still Photography - From 70€

Aerial Video Photography - from 100€ (includes some still images also)


Here´s a thought!!

Here is a scenario....I am selling my house for 100,000€... It has been on the market for 3 months and had a couple of viewings (sound familiar)...The people who come looking, are not sure of the area or surroundings, how much outside space there is, what the views are like, how far away are the nearest neighbours  etc.

The estate agent may earn 4% or 5% commission - that´s 4,000€ - 5,000€..  Why not spend 100€ - 150€ to show the clients what they are missing, showing your property in its location, showing the immediate environment.

Would You buy this? -  Looks nice (its not for sale by the way)

Lets introduce a little height and distance, a few different angles

Showing the house in its environment - more saleable?  

Set in great surroundings and comes with the strip of land its located in. Oh, and the video it came with shows a lot more.....

Do I need Aerial Photography? -  It can help enhance your listing, it can show off the great location, it can give the client an idea of whats on offer...and it doesn´t cost the earth!!!


Here is where I am going to start posting articles about the drone world, what interests me and what I am looking to do.